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Bunya Designs

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Yathi winja (Good day) My name is Leah Cummins, I am a proud Mayi woman from North-Western Queensland.

I find inspiration in my cultural identity and bring my stories of my country and people to life in my art. I paint of stories of strength for women and children, love of the land and all my people.

I pay respect to the ancestors who give me these stories in my creativity, to share my culture that transcends words and draws people into wanting to learn about First Nations people. I paint both traditional and contemporary art using storytelling in every art piece to educate and teach everyone of my people’s culture.

I hope to inspire and uplift my people by contributing to the sharing of culture and stories through my art. I want to share my love of my people with you.

As a proud Mayi woman from North Western Queensland I want to share my love of art and interpretation of empowerment of my people. I want to share all my piece with love and harmony

"Bunya Sister”

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