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Buffie Corunna

Buffie Corunna Photo.jpg

Noongar Yorga - Aboriginal Women of the Noongar Nation, born in Albany, Western Australia.  My family connections are from Gnowangerup. A small town in Western Australia. I was raised in Perth and consider Perth my home.


I love spending time with those that I love and have a strong bond with my family. Much of my work is greatly influenced by family, cultural connections, my spirituality and relationships.


I can express myself whole heartedly through my artwork. I believe art is one of the greatest tools to help with any mental and emotional issues. I have always loved painting, design and experimenting in a variety of art mediums. I am especially drawn to the challenge of conveying to others, through art, how I am influenced by my spirituality, my culture and my life experiences. I use art as a platform for storytelling. 


We all have a story to tell and art is one of the most creative forms to share our stories.

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